Pillivuyt Quartet Collection

Pillivuyt Quartet Collection

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The Pillivuyt Quartet Collection of stylish dinnerware that evokes the lines of a popular Pillivuyt design at the turn of the last century. The Quartet Collection complements contemporary and Asian dining. These are exceptional pieces for presenting your most artistic culinary creations.

Like all Pillivuyt porcelain, Quartet is robust for everyday use and perfect for stylish entertaining. The strong and durable dinnerware is stackable for easy storage and display. The pure white, diamond-hard glaze is embedded throughout each piece rather than applied only to the surface. It will never lose its luster, discolor, craze, chip, or crack. Quartet can go from freezer to oven (or microwave) to table to dishwasher.

Pillivuyt Quartet Plates

Pillivuyt Quartet Plates

214015-BL Petite Plate 4" -

214018-BL Plate 7"

214021-BL Plate 8"

214025-BL Plate 10"

214029-BL Plate 11-˝"

Pillivuyt Quartet Degustation Plate

Pillivuyt Quartet Degustation Plate

234025-BL Degustation Plate 10"

PillivuytQuartet Trapezoidal Plate

Pillivuyt Quartet Trapezoidal Plate

234030-BL Trapezoidal Plate 11"

Pillivuyt Quartet Bowls

Pillivuyt Quartet Bowls

204020-BL Rimmed Bowl 8"

174020-BL Deep Rimmed Bowl 8"

244011-BL Bowl 4-˝"

244014-BL Bowl 5-˝"

Pillivuyt Quartet Platters

Pillivuyt Quartet Platters

224026-BL Platter 10" x 5-˝"

224039-BL Platter 15" x 5-˝"

234034-BL Platter 13-˝" x 9"

Pillivuyt Quartet Divided Plates

Pillivuyt Quartet Divided Plates

234075-BL 10" x 10" with 4 sections

224076-BL 10 x 5-˝" with 2 sections

224089-BL 15" x 5-˝" with 3 sections

234084-BL 9" x 13-˝" with 4 sections

Pillivuyt Quartet 3-Tiered Server

Pillivuyt Quartet 3-Tiered Server

999527-BX 3 plates (4", 7", 10") with silver handle

Pillivuyt Quartet Salad Bowls

Pillivuyt Quartet Salad Bowls

174018-BL Bowl 7" x 7"

174021-BL Bowl 8-˝" X 8-˝"

174025-BL Bowl 10" x 10"

Pillivuyt Quartet Roasters

Pillivuyt Quartet Rectangular Roasters

224035-BL Roaster 13-˝" x 9"

224042-BL Roaster 16-˝" x 12"

Pillivuyt Quartet Baker

Pillivuyt Quartet Square Baker

224029-BL Baker 11" x 11"

Pillivuyt Quartet Ramekins

Pillivuyt Quartet Ramekins

264007-BL Deep ramekin 5oz

264008-BL Shallow ramekin 4oz

Pillivuyt Quartet Footed Tray

Pillivuyt Quartet Foot Tray

224032-BL Footed tray 18" x 6"

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