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No single dish symbolizes French cuisine more than the Pillivuyt Lion's Head Soup Tureen. Sizes range from individual to a generous three-quart serving piece with a lid to keep food warm throughout the meal. Use the Pillivuyt tureens not only for soup, but stews, salads, and appetizers.

Pillivuyt Tureens

Pillivuyt Tureens

400110-BL Lion's Head Minature Tureen 4oz

400135-BL Lion's Head Tureen 1-˝ Cup 3-˝" x 3-˝" H

400150-BL Lion's Head Tureen 2 Cup 4" x 4" H

400131-BL Lion's Head Tureen 3-˝ Qt  8-˝"  x 6-˝" H

Pillivuyt Tureens with Lid

400150-BX Lion's Head Tureen with Lid 2 Cup 4" x 5" H

400131-BX Lion's Head Tureen with Lid 3-˝ Qt 8-˝" x 10" H

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